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Battering Machine

    1. GJJ400 Drum BatterOur stainless steel food machinery shows more excellence in flouring plicated products. Flour-batter-flour and batter-flour processing technologies are available and viable when this drum batter is working with drum breader.
    1. NJJ600-IV Tempura Battering Machine

      This multi-functional battering equipment has been extensively applied to fried products, Tempura products, poultry, seafood and vegetables, etc. Moreover, our patty battering machine is certified by CE. Ensured quality and prominent performance are highly recognized ...

    1. SJJ600-IV Battering Machine

      Batter conveying pump in our stainless steel food processing equipment brings minimized damage to batter viscosity. Ready-to-Install design caters to modern needs for fast cleaning. Our battering machine is fitted with reliable safety system and Siemens electronic components ...

    1. NJJ200-II Battering MachineThanks to upper and lower wire belts, our stainless steel battering machine conveys products through batter for even coating. Air blower is introduced to remove excess batter from battered products. This battering machine is the proven solution for procedures prior to breading machine and flouring machine.
    1. SJJ400-IV Battering MachineThis food processing equipment utilizes battering curtain and batter tank at bottom to offer uniformed coating effects. Our battering machine can be used as stand-alone equipment for processing procedures prior to breading machine and flouring machine.