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Food Production Line

Hiwell food production line is practically engineered on the basis of decades of industrial experience and expertise. Our food equipment falls into beef hamburger production line, chicken hamburger production line and fish hamburger production line.

We are the leading global manufacturer of advanced machines and systems to process fish, meat and vegetable. Our food production line has been the first choice for customers in the Southeast Asia, South America and Europe covering various countries such as Malaysia, Thailand, Philippines, Argentina, Brazil, Netherlands and Germany, etc.

1. Our fully automatic food production line offers continuous production process covering forming, breading and flouring procedures.

2. Thanks to exceptional automation, our stainless steel food machinery only requires 2-3 workers for operation, resulting in higher cost effectiveness.

3. In order to meet more demanding needs, our food production line is available in small-scale production line, medium production line and heavy-duty production line. Capacity is varied among 30-80kg/h, 200-600kg/h and 500-1000kg/h.

    1. Automatic Fish Nugget & Chicken Nugget Production Line
    2. Hiwell automatic fish nugget & chicken nugget production line is practically engineered to improve your food processing plant in a holistic approach. All machines used are our stand-alone food processing machines.
    1. Automatic Chicken Fillet Production Line
    2. Hiwell automatic chicken fillet production line is the perfect blend of cutting-edge technology and economical features. Customized processing solution is offered on the basis of your application needs.