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Food Processing Equipment

Hiwell is the China-based prominent manufacturer of food processing equipment. Our significant reputation has been built on diversified product range covering food forming machine, meatball making machine, breading machine, flouring machine, battering machine, batter feeder, food conveyor, meat slicer, electric meat tenderizer and meat flattening machine, etc.

Our versatile food processing equipment has been widely applied to all kinds of fully automatic food production lines including automatic hamburger patty production line, automatic fish steak & chicken steak production line, automatic fish nugget & chicken nugget production line, automatic chicken fillet production line, automatic fish popcorn & chicken popcorn production line, automatic fish fillet & breaded shrimp production line, etc.

Thanks to outstanding availability, impressive efficiency and prolonged service life, our food processing equipment has been greatly appreciated by customers from the USA, Germany, Spain, Japan, Vietnam, Thailand, Malaysia, South Africa, Australia, Argentina, Mexico and UAE, etc. For more detailed information, please visit our product page or contact us today!

    1. AMF600-III Automatic Food Forming Machine

      Our automatic food forming machine is practically designed to process meat, poultry, fish, potato and other vegetables, etc. This chicken nugget forming equipment delivers exceptional processing capacity which reaches 1000kg per hour. The entire fish nugget forming machine ...

    1. AMF400-II Automatic Food Forming Machine

      The entire food processing equipment is made from stainless steel and some non-metallic materials, thus offering exceptional safety and meeting HACCP standards. This patty forming machine is applicable for meet, poultry, fish, tomato and other vegetables.

    1. PATTY100-Ⅲ Automatic Patty Forming MachineWe offer a wide array of molds to cater to your production needs for different sizes, including round, square, oval, triangle, heart-shape and other shapes. Unusual shapes are customized upon request. This hamburger production equipment is characterized by fast and convenient replacement ...
    1. Meatball Making Machine

      Our meatball making machine utilizes relative movement among rollers to process cylinder-shaped meat fabricated by forming machine into ball-shaped products. Our meatball former accurately shapes and portions all types of ball-shaped food.

    1. Breading Machine with Japanese Style Fresh Bread Crumbs

      Fresh yet accurate breading is what you can expect from our multifunctional breading equipment. Thanks to ingenious and robust design, this stainless steel food machinery is well-suited for meat, seafood and vegetables, etc.

    1. SXJ600-V Breading Machine

      Thanks to well-conceived structure, this meat product processing equipment is highly renowned for uniformed breading on chicken, beef, pork, fish and shrimp, etc. Our breading machine is the versatile stand-alone equipment catering to your most demanding needs.

    1. SXJ200-II Breading MachineThis stainless steel food machinery allows for easy adjustment on thickness of bread crumbs deployed on upper and lower wire belt. Excess crumbs will be blown off from products after breading process. As stand-alone equipment, this breading machine can be customized to your requirements.
    1. SXJ400-V Breading MachineThanks to circulating system, this stainless steel breading equipment comes with exceptional crumb efficiency. Refined and crude crumbs are all suitable. Dependable protection devices and Siemens electronic components are the strong background for stable and reliable performance.
    1. GFJ600-IV Drum Breader

      Flaky coating can be applied to nugget materials such as chicken popcorn, chicken nugget and fish nugget, etc. This meat product processing equipment is fitted with ingenuous separation device, screening out large particles fabricated during production.

    1. SFJ600-IV Flouring Machine

      Our bread flouring machine involves the utilization of special wire belt feeding technology for easy and reliable operation. Open-type screw rollers come with reduced cleaning work load. Ingenious screw lifting system is applicable for various kinds of composite flours, corn starch and batters.

    1. Air Flow System for Flouring MachineThis flouring machine accessory uses cyclone separator for collection of dust generated during flouring process, and blows clean air into air curtain in flouring machine.
    1. SFJ200-II Flouring MachineIn order for considerable cost containment, we install air blower in this flouring machine to remove and collect excess flours from finished products. The entire food machinery is practically designed for easy cleaning and to meet HACCP standards.
    1. SFJ400-IV Flouring MachineCustomers are allowed for free adjustments on thickness of flours deployed on upper and lower wire belt for optimized production. This fish ball flouring machine employs ingenious wire belt flour feeding technology for even and stable coating.
    1. GJJ400 Drum BatterOur stainless steel food machinery shows more excellence in flouring plicated products. Flour-batter-flour and batter-flour processing technologies are available and viable when this drum batter is working with drum breader.
    1. NJJ600-IV Tempura Battering Machine

      This multi-functional battering equipment has been extensively applied to fried products, Tempura products, poultry, seafood and vegetables, etc. Moreover, our patty battering machine is certified by CE. Ensured quality and prominent performance are highly recognized ...

    1. SJJ600-IV Battering Machine

      Batter conveying pump in our stainless steel food processing equipment brings minimized damage to batter viscosity. Ready-to-Install design caters to modern needs for fast cleaning. Our battering machine is fitted with reliable safety system and Siemens electronic components ...

    1. NJJ200-II Battering MachineThanks to upper and lower wire belts, our stainless steel battering machine conveys products through batter for even coating. Air blower is introduced to remove excess batter from battered products. This battering machine is the proven solution for procedures prior to breading machine and flouring machine.
    1. SJJ400-IV Battering MachineThis food processing equipment utilizes battering curtain and batter tank at bottom to offer uniformed coating effects. Our battering machine can be used as stand-alone equipment for processing procedures prior to breading machine and flouring machine.
    1. DJJ100-II Batter MixerThis stainless steel mixer is applicable for high viscosity batters such as Tempura batter. Our parry battering machine involves utilization of cutting-edge control system, thus realizing repeatable operation cycles of high-speed mixing, low speed mixing and alarm on application of batter.
    1. DJJ200-II Batter MixerTaking advantages of independent mixing tank, this portable batter mixer shows exceptional mobility. We deploy electric motor on the top, so as to wipe out your worries about motor damage caused by cleaning. Mixing section is allowed to be lifted up for practical needs of easy cleaning.
    1. Batter FeederLow shear pump system is available in this batter feeding system for minimized damage to batter. The fabrication of this food processing equipment is in absolute conformation with HACCP requirements and has been certified by CE.
    1. Automatic Shuttle Transfer SystemOur automatic transfer equipment promotes your food processing line by enhanced conveying efficiency and accuracy. This automatic shuttle transfer system is compatible with AMF400 and AMF600 automatic food forming machines for optimized plant automation.
    1. Bucket ElevatorThis meat transfer machine brings minimized squeezing and crushing to materials for better processing. Moreover, our grain lifting system also shows excellence in reducing material loss and mechanical abrasion during feeding and transferring.
    1. Belt ConveyorOur mobile transfer machine features simply structure for maintenance efficiency. Moreover, this grain conveyor reduces your processing cost by exceptional energy effectiveness.
    1. 90 Degree Curved ConveyorOur wire belt conveyor is available in width of 600mm and 400mm. This 90 degree curved conveyor meets the requirements of IP55. We adopt Siemens electronic components for this 90 degree conveyor system to ensure operation safety.
    1. Cooling ConveyorWire belts in this stainless steel cooling transfer machine are supported by non-metallic parts, thus generating less abrasion. Our cooling conveyor employs Siemens electronic components for stable performance and safety.
    1. Ice Water Coating MachineThis fish coating equipment is IP65 rated for waterproof feature. We build this ice water coating machine with high-end stainless steel and food-grade non-metallic materials for highest levels of sanitation.
    1. Electric Meat TenderizerThis meat cuber helps you reduce cooking time and retain natural juice in meat by damaging meat tendons and connective tissues. Variable frequency drive is employed for more exceptional processing. Toothed blades in our steak tenderizer vertically performs accurate cutting.
    1. Meat Flattening MachineOur stainless steel flattening equipment improves your food production by equal cooking time and reduced frying time. This meat product processing machine is applicable for production of beef steak, meat steak and fish steak in thickness less than 40mm.