Food Conveyor

    1. Automatic Shuttle Transfer SystemOur automatic transfer equipment promotes your food processing line by enhanced conveying efficiency and accuracy. This automatic shuttle transfer system is compatible with AMF400 and AMF600 automatic food forming machines for optimized plant automation.
    1. Bucket ElevatorThis meat transfer machine brings minimized squeezing and crushing to materials for better processing. Moreover, our grain lifting system also shows excellence in reducing material loss and mechanical abrasion during feeding and transferring.
    1. Belt ConveyorOur mobile transfer machine features simply structure for maintenance efficiency. Moreover, this grain conveyor reduces your processing cost by exceptional energy effectiveness.
    1. 90 Degree Curved ConveyorOur wire belt conveyor is available in width of 600mm and 400mm. This 90 degree curved conveyor meets the requirements of IP55. We adopt Siemens electronic components for this 90 degree conveyor system to ensure operation safety.
    1. Cooling ConveyorWire belts in this stainless steel cooling transfer machine are supported by non-metallic parts, thus generating less abrasion. Our cooling conveyor employs Siemens electronic components for stable performance and safety.
    1. Ice Water Coating MachineThis fish coating equipment is IP65 rated for waterproof feature. We build this ice water coating machine with high-end stainless steel and food-grade non-metallic materials for highest levels of sanitation.