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Automatic Shuttle Transfer System

Hiwell automatic shuttle transfer system utilizes belt conveyor for repeatable transport of products. This stainless steel conveying system offers 90° transfer and single-multiple transfer lines. Our automatic transfer equipment promotes your food processing line by enhanced conveying efficiency and accuracy.

1. Servo motor is employed by shuttle system to maximize precise positioning.
2. This automatic shuttle transfer system is compatible with AMF400 and AMF600 automatic food forming machines for optimized plant automation.
3. Our shuttle transfer machine is fitted with touch screen control system, offering intuitive and fast operation.
4. This food processing conveyor is available in customized sizes to fit diverse needs.
5. We adopt quality stainless steel and non-metallic materials for fabrication of our automatic shuttle transfer system, so as to meet HACCP requirements.

Technical Parameters of Batter Feeder
Conveying Speed 3-15m/min (Variable Frequency Speed Control)
Input Height 1050±50mm
Output Height 1050±50mm
Belt Width 400/600mm
Power 2.05kW
Overall Dimension 3060×940×1400mm

1. Application voltage environment should be given when making order, so as to choose the proper electric motor.
2. The warranty time for our automatic shuttle transfer system is 1 year, excluding wire belt. We offer charged maintenance services when warranty time is over.
3. Always wearing noise reduction earplug and hygienic uniform. Non-trained personnel are forbidden for machine operation.

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