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Intelligent Horizontal Slicer IFQJ28-II

Intelligent Portion Cutter CUT28-II

On the basis of irregular meat measurement, the software of IFQJ28-II can work out cutting thickness and execute accurate horizontal cutting with analytical calculation, in order to meet required thickness and weight. This intelligent horizontal slicer can be connected with an intelligent portion cutter to realize the automatically cutting for chicken steak. It can be applied to the horizontal cutting of poultry and fish.

1. Cut meat in to pieces of same thickness.
2. Cut meat in to pieces of same weight.
3. Cut a chicken breast into two.
4. Cut chicken leg steak according to the size of raw material, in order to guarantee an optimum usage of raw material.

1. With two-dimensional measurement of irregular meat, the software of slicer can work out accurate cutting length and weight with analytical calculation
2. High precision cutting with a weight error ≤2%
3. Cutting parameter can be easily adjusted by touch screen.
4. Horizontal cutting.
5. European standard blades.
6. The meat off-cuts sorting system removes efficiently the off-cuts. (optional)
7. Imported modular belt with a long service life.
8. SIEMENS electrical parts with CE approved safety protection device.
9. Adopted 304 stainless steel and engineering-plastics, the slicer is easy to clean and is in line with HACCP standard

Technical Parameters
Model: IFQJ28-II
Belt width: 254mm
Belt speed: 5~20m/min
Weight error: ≤3%
Cutting speed: 60pcs/ min (by chicken breast)
Input / Output height: 1050±50mm
Power: 1.05kW
Overall dimension: 2512×1180×1610 mm

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