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Meat Cutting and Forming Machine

    1. CUT28-II Intelligent Portion CutterThe CUT28-II intelligent portion cutter is a computer controlled device that performs accurate, uniform cuts of beef, pork, fish and chicken for food production operations. The food cutting machine guarantees uniform cuts of meat that each have the same weight.

    1. Intelligent Portion Cutter CUT3D28-II

      With three-dimensional measurement of irregular meat and analytical calculation software, the CUT3D28-II cutter can work out the cutting length and realize a multiple-angle cutting. It can guarantee that all pieces of meat are in the same weight or in required weight after cutting.

    1. Intelligent Portion Cutter CUT28-IV

      With two-dimensional measurement of irregular meat and analytical calculation software, the portion cutter can work out the cutting length and realize a multiple-angle cutting. CUT3D28-IV can guarantee sure that all pieces are of the same weight or of required weight after cutting.

    1. Intelligent Horizontal Slicer IFQJ28-IIOn the basis of irregular meat measurement, the software of IFQJ28-II can work out cutting thickness and execute accurate horizontal cutting with analytical calculation, in order to meet required thickness and weight. This intelligent horizontal slicer can be connected with an intelligent portion cutter to realize the automatically cutting for chicken steak.
    1. FQJ500-Ⅱ Horizontal Slicer This horizontal slicer model is a design that was expertly engineered for fresh meat food processing. The slicing machine performs fine horizontal meat cutting, suitable for pork, beef, poultry and fish processing.
    1. IFQJ500-Ⅱ Horizontal Slicer The IFQJ500 horizontal slicer is a meat slicer with a sophisticated computer controlled measurement system. The integrated computer allows the slicing machine to make precise cuts with a maximum yield for beef, pork, poultry and fish products.
    1. FQJ2-200-II Horizontal SlicerThe FQJ2-200-II horizontal slicer is a multi-functional meat processing device that has different slicing options for various meats. The meat slicer can perform butterfly slicing or standard horizontal cutting for fresh pork, beef, and lamb and poultry products.
    1. Strip Cutter and Dicer The strip cutter and dicer is a commonly used tool for the meat processing of pork, beef and poultry. The cutting machine performs meat stripping and dicing with a high quality circular blade.
    1. Meat Flattener The meat flattener is widely used in the food processing industry for poultry, beef, pork, fish and cheese production. The food production equipment can press and flatten food products to a width less than 30 mm.
    1. Meat Tenderizer The meat tenderizer is meat processing equipment that operates by damaging the connective tissue in meat and injecting salt water into the meat fibers, which helps soften the meat, making it easier to cook and eat.
    1. Meat Shredder This meat shredder is a meat processing device that is equipped with four sets of rotary teeth shafts that pull apart cooked chicken, pork and beef for further food processing or consumption.