Horizontal Slicer

    1. FQJ500-Ⅱ Horizontal Slicer

      This horizontal slicer model is a design that was expertly engineered for fresh meat food processing. The slicing machine performs fine horizontal meat cutting, suitable for pork, beef, poultry and fish processing.

    1. IFQJ500-Ⅱ Horizontal Slicer

      The IFQJ500 horizontal slicer is a meat slicer with a sophisticated computer controlled measurement system. The integrated computer allows the slicing machine to make precise cuts with a maximum yield for beef, pork, poultry and fish products.

    1. FQJ2-200-II Horizontal SlicerThe FQJ2-200-II horizontal slicer is a multi-functional meat processing device that has different slicing options for various meats. The meat slicer can perform butterfly slicing or standard horizontal cutting for fresh pork, beef, and lamb and poultry products.