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    1. Food Forming Machine Our automatic food forming machine is practically designed to process meat, poultry, fish, potato and other vegetables, etc. This chicken nugget forming equipment delivers exceptional processing capacity which reaches 1000kg per hour.
    1. Meatball Making MachineOur meatball making machine utilizes relative movement among rollers to process cylinder-shaped meat fabricated by forming machine into ball-shaped products. Our meatball former accurately shapes and portions all types of ball-shaped food.
    1. Breading Machine Fresh yet accurate breading is what you can expect from our multifunctional breading equipment. Thanks to ingenious and robust design, this stainless steel food machinery is well-suited for meat, seafood and vegetables, etc.
    1. Flouring MachineFlaky coating can be applied to nugget materials such as chicken popcorn, chicken nugget and fish nugget, etc. This meat product processing equipment is fitted with ingenuous separation device, screening out large particles fabricated during production.
    1. Battering MachineOur stainless steel food machinery shows more excellence in flouring plicated products. Flour-batter-flour and batter-flour processing technologies are available and viable when this drum batter is working with drum breader.
    1. Batter MixerThis stainless steel mixer is applicable for high viscosity batters such as Tempura batter. Our parry battering machine involves utilization of cutting-edge control system, thus realizing repeatable operation cycles of high-speed mixing, low speed mixing and alarm on application of batter.
    1. Batter FeederLow shear pump system is available in this batter feeding system for minimized damage to batter. Operator and maintenance friendly are another two prominences that our batter feeder offers. The fabrication of this food processing equipment is in absolute conformation with HACCP requirements ...
    1. Food Conveyor Our automatic transfer equipment promotes your food processing line by enhanced conveying efficiency and accuracy. This automatic shuttle transfer system is compatible with AMF400 and AMF600 automatic food forming machines for optimized plant automation.
    1. Electric Meat TenderizerThis meat cuber helps you reduce cooking time and retain natural juice in meat by damaging meat tendons and connective tissues. Variable frequency drive is employed for more exceptional processing. Toothed blades in our steak tenderizer vertically performs accurate cutting.
    1. Meat Flattening MachineOur stainless steel flattening equipment improves your food production by equal cooking time and reduced frying time. This meat product processing machine is applicable for production of beef steak, meat steak and fish steak in thickness less than 40mm.
    1. Intelligent Portion cutter CUT3D28-II With three-dimensional measurement of irregular meat and analytical calculation software, the CUT3D28-II cutter can work out the cutting length and realize a multiple-angle cutting.It can guarantee that all pieces of meat are in the same weight or in required weight after cutting.
    1. Horizontal Slicer This horizontal slicer model is a design that was expertly engineered for fresh meat food processing. The slicing machine performs fine horizontal meat cutting, suitable for pork, beef, poultry and fish processing.
    1. Strip Cutter and Dicer The strip cutter and dicer is a commonly used tool for the meat processing of pork, beef and poultry. The cutting machine performs meat stripping and dicing with a high quality circular blade.
    1. Meat Flattener The meat flattener is widely used in the food processing industry for poultry, beef, pork, fish and cheese production. The food production equipment can press and flatten food products to a width less than 30 mm.
    1. Meat Tenderizer The meat tenderizer is meat processing equipment that operates by damaging the connective tissue in meat and injecting salt water into the meat fibers, which helps soften the meat, making it easier to cook and eat.
    1. Meat Shredder This meat shredder is a meat processing device that is equipped with four sets of rotary teeth shafts that pull apart cooked chicken, pork and beef for further food processing or consumption.
    1. Automatic Fish Nugget & Chicken Nugget Production Line
    2. Hiwell automatic fish nugget & chicken nugget production line is practically engineered to improve your food processing plant in a holistic approach. All machines used are our stand-alone food processing machines.
    1. Automatic Chicken Fillet Production Line
    2. Hiwell automatic chicken fillet production line is the perfect blend of cutting-edge technology and economical features. Customized processing solution is offered on the basis of your application needs.