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Strip Cutter and Dicer

    1. Strip Cutter and Dicer

      The strip cutter and dicer is a commonly used tool for the meat processing of pork, beef and poultry. The cutting machine performs meat stripping and dicing with a high quality circular blade.

    1. QKJ280-Ⅱ 2D Dicer/Slicer

      QKJ280 2D dicer/slicer can cut meats and other products into slice, dice or strip by horizontal and vertical knife blades. The 2D slicer is ideal for processing fresh or cooked beef, chicken, pork, lamb, sea food as well as cheese.

    1. IQKJ2-200-II Intelligent Dicer

      IQKJ2-200-II intelligent 2D dicer detects the product by a laser sensor and cuts it at a calculated position to minimize the product waste and create more consistent dicing size. The horizontal and vertical knife blades allow the same machine to cut the products into cube, slice or strip.