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Strip Cutter and Dicer

Strip Cutter and Dicer

The strip cutter and dicer is a commonly used tool for the meat processing of pork, beef and poultry. The cutting machine performs meat stripping and dicing with a high quality circular blade.

1. High cutting precision with a minimum width of 5mm.
2. High efficiency guaranteed with multiple blade cutting. Also capable of different thickness cutting combined in a single cutting operation.
3. Meat cutting width is adjusted by changing the blade carrier or blade sleeve.
4. Floating unloading system to prevent meat from sticking to the blade.
5. Conveying speed can reach to 18m/min, facilitating a high production output.
6. Detachable blade carrier, input belt and output belt that is easy to clean.
7. Mist spraying function is designed to create smooth cuts.
8. Long life modular belt.
9. Siemens electric parts with a CE approved safety service.
10. Stainless steel and engineering plastic construction that is easy to clean and meets HACCP standards.
11. Easy operation and little maintenance required.

1. Precise cutting width.
2. High efficiency minimizes labor costs.
3. The horizontal slicer can work together with a strip cutter to produce products such as chicken strips.
4. Can work in conjunction with the intelligent portion cutter.

Technical Parameters
Model QTJ500-II
Belt width 500mm
Belt speed 3~18m/min
Max. product width 400mm
Max. cutting thickness 45mm , can made to 70mm
Min. cutting thickness 5mm
Production capacity 200-800kg/h
Input/Output height 1050±50mm
Power 1.9kW
Overall dimension 2010×903×1615mm
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