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Flouring Machine

    1. GFJ600-IV Drum Breader

      Flaky coating can be applied to nugget materials such as chicken popcorn, chicken nugget and fish nugget, etc. This meat product processing equipment is fitted with ingenuous separation device, screening out large particles fabricated during production.

    1. SFJ600-IV Flouring Machine

      Our bread flouring machine involves the utilization of special wire belt feeding technology for easy and reliable operation. Open-type screw rollers come with reduced cleaning work load. Ingenious screw lifting system is applicable for various kinds of composite flours, corn starch and batters.

    1. Air Flow System for Flouring MachineThis flouring machine accessory uses cyclone separator for collection of dust generated during flouring process, and blows clean air into air curtain in flouring machine.
    1. SFJ200-II Flouring MachineIn order for considerable cost containment, we install air blower in this flouring machine to remove and collect excess flours from finished products. The entire food machinery is practically designed for easy cleaning and to meet HACCP standards.
    1. SFJ400-IV Flouring MachineCustomers are allowed for free adjustments on thickness of flours deployed on upper and lower wire belt for optimized production. This fish ball flouring machine employs ingenious wire belt flour feeding technology for even and stable coating.