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Automatic Patty Forming Machine

PATTY100-III Automatic Patty Forming Machine

Our PATTY100-III automatic patty forming machine emerges as the multi-functional food processing equipment which is capable of filling, forming, labeling (optional) and outputting, etc. This patty processing system has been extensively applicable for common hamburger patty, Chicken McNuggets, fish burger patty, potato cake, pumpkin cake and satay, etc.

This automatic patty forming machine incorporates with battering machine, flouring machine, frying machine, steaming machine, instant freezer and packaging machine, whereby forming the automatic deli production line.

1. We offer a wide array of molds to cater to your production needs for different sizes, including round, square, oval, triangle, heart-shape and other shapes. Unusual shapes are customized upon request.
2. This hamburger production equipment is characterized by fast and convenient replacement, resulting in drastically reduced operation cost.
3. Out automatic patty forming machine is applied to meet, poultry, fish, potato, and vegetables, etc.

Technical Parameters
Belt Width 130mm
Power 0.55kW
Capacity 35 pcs/min
Chamber Volume 30L
Product Thickness 8-15mm
Max. Product Diameter 100mm (Hamburger Diameter)
Overall Dimension 860×600×1400mm

1. Application voltage environment should be given when making order, so as to choose the proper electric motor.
2. The warranty time for our automatic patty forming machine is 1 year, excluding belt, cylinder and touch screen. We offer charged maintenance services when warranty time is over.
3. Always wearing noise reduction earplug and hygienic uniform. Non-trained personnel are forbidden for machine operation.

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