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Batter Feeder

Batter Feeder

Hiwell batter feeder is compatible with SJJ600 battering machine and NJJ600 battering machine to offer precise batter feeding control.

1. Our stainless steel feeder involves the utilization of independent cooling system, resulting in exceptional temperature range of 5-10℃.
2. Low shear pump system is available in this batter feeding system for minimized damage to batter.
3. Operator and maintenance friendly are another two prominences that our batter feeder offers.
4. The fabrication of this food processing equipment is in absolute conformation with HACCP requirements and has been certified by CE.

Technical Parameters of Batter Feeder
Cooling Capacity 4385kcal/h
Power 2.09kW
Capacity 60L
Overall Dimension 1650×820×1480mm

1. Application voltage environment should be given when making order, so as to choose the proper electric motor.
2. The warranty time for our batter feeder is 1 year, excluding wire belt. We offer charged maintenance services when warranty time is over.
3. Always wearing noise reduction earplug and hygienic uniform. Non-trained personnel are forbidden for machine operation.

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