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Intelligent Portion Cutter CUT3D28-II

Intelligent Portion Cutter CUT28-II

With three-dimensional measurement of irregular meat and analytical calculation software, the CUT3D28-II cutter can work out the cutting length and realize a multiple-angle cutting. It can guarantee that all pieces of meat are in the same weight or in required weight after cutting. It can be applied to cutting fresh raw meat (thawed meat), with thickness ≥40mm. It is mainly applied to cutting fish and poultry, such as fish fillet, fish steak, chicken nugget, chicken steak, etc.

1. Fixed weight cutting.
2. Remove the head and tail which does not meet the requirements, and then cut the meat into pieces of same weight.
3. Cutting the whole meat into pieces of same weight within a certain weight range, to avoid waste.

1. With three-dimensional measurement of irregular meat, the software can ensure a required cutting weight with analytical calculation.
2. All-dimensional measurement.
3. High precision cutting with a weight error ≤2%.
4. The cutting parameters are easy to adjust and set through the touch screen.
5. Can realize 90 degree cutting angle.
6. European blade.
7. Imported modular belt with long service life.
8. SIEMENS electrical parts with CE approved safety protection devices.
9. Easy-to-clean stainless steel and engineering plastics in line with HACCP requirements.
10. Easy operation, low maintenance costs.

Technical Parameters
Model: CUT3D28-II
Belt width: 254mm
Belt speed: 5~20m/min
Weight error:≤2%
Cutting speed: 1000 cuts/min
Max. product height: 140mm
Max. product length: 650mm
Max. product width: 240mm
Input/Output height: 1050±50mm
Power: 7.55kW
Overall dimension: 2512×1340×1680mm

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