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Intelligent Portion Cutter CUT28-II

Intelligent Portion Cutter CUT28-II

The CUT28-II intelligent portion cutter is a computer controlled device that performs accurate, uniform cuts of beef, pork, fish and chicken for food production operations. The food cutting machine guarantees uniform cuts of meat that each have the same weight.

1. High precision meat cutting with a weight variance ≤2%.
2. Capable of 90° or 45° cutting angles.
3. High quality modular mesh belt.
4. Siemens electrical parts, with a CE approved safety protection device.
5. Easy to clean stainless steel construction designed to HACCP standards.

1. The meat cutter has outstanding cutting accuracy.
2. Highly efficient meat processing, minimizing operating costs.
3. Wide application.

Technical Parameters
Model CUT28-II
Belt width 280mm
Belt speed 5~20m/min
Weight error ≤2%
Cutting speed 200 cuts/min
Max. product height 100mm
Max. product length 650mm
Max. product width 260mm
Input/Output height 1050±50mm
Power 5.2kW
Overall dimension 2300×1200×1500mm
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