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Horizontal Slicer

IFQJ500-Ⅱ Horizontal Slicer

The IFQJ500 horizontal slicer is a meat slicer with a sophisticated computer controlled measurement system. The integrated computer allows the slicing machine to make precise cuts with a maximum yield for beef, pork, poultry and fish products.

1. Computerized analysis system provides guaranteed cutting precision and high yield.
2. Adjustable meat slicing thickness with a minimum slice height of 5mm and maximum slice height of 50mm.
3. Outstanding portioning performance.
4. Intelligent sorting system.
5. Dual-lane operation with 150 pieces per minute output.
6. Advanced modular mesh belt with a long lifetime.
7. Siemens electrical parts, CE approved safety device.
8. Stainless steel construction.
9. Easy to clean, HACCP standard.
10. Easy to operate, low maintenance cost.

1. Excellent slicing accuracy.
2. Minimized labor cost and production cost.
3. Easily applied to different types of food production.
4. Offcut can be recycled for further food processing.
5. The horizontal slicer can work together with a strip cutter to produce products such as chicken strips.
6. Can work in conjunction with the intelligent portion cutter.

Technical Parameters
Model IFQJ500-II
Belt width 500mm
Belt speed 3~15m/min
Cutting thickness Min.: 5mm Max.: 50mm
Cutting speed 150pcs/min (Dual-lane)
Max. product width 180mm
Input/Output height 1050±50mm
Power 2.74kW
Overall dimension 2600×1152×1410mm
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